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MEGASII – “Exotic Luminous Furniture and Lighting” is a creative furnishing brand established by Megasii Limited in 2002.  Our aim is to create extraordinary lighting & furniture illuminated from within, to bewitch a room with enticing and surreal sensation.


Our items are exuberant : stools, chairs, tables, side-tables, storage units, display units, decorative lightings, flowerpots….  We also have items come in various series.  “Wise & Smart” – a series of free to match furnishings offering endless possibilities for you to mix & match in your very own WISE and SMART way.  “think WIDE” – a series of novel items calling for the infusion of your creativity, all it requires is a pinch of your WIDE imagination.  “M.A.D. design” – a collection of chic furniture, designed by our talented group of Megasii Associated Designers, engineered to suit your everyday life, melting both aesthetic and practical functions in one pot.


Our products are mainly made of recyclable polyethylene using the technology of rotational molding.  This technique is excellent in producing one-piece large hollow articles that are seamless and with smooth surfaces.  The possibilities of form, color and texture are endless.  Owing to the characteristics of polyethylene, products are durable and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.  In our “M.A.D. design” series, we even combine rotational molded parts with a spectrum of other materials, e.g., leather, fabric, glass, wood etc., blending into our products a brand new sensational feeling.


With high quality and reasonable price, our products have been sold worldwide.  Our production also includes OEM and ODM orders.  


In search of excellence is the maxim of our company.  Therefore, we take no break in searching for promising companies like yours to work together for the prosperity of our business.  Please contact us for more information and we look forward to a fruitful business relationship with your companies.



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